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Yun Xi should belong to Gloden OL in this middle-sized city.

She worked at small foreign company office, as an only female here, she enjoys other colleague’s care. Her living area is limited. Home – office, sometimes, she needs to go out and do some payment work.

She took part in several match maker activity which arranged by newspaper and TV program, but not successfully. 

Days passed and past, and one day, she saw there’s a new activity advertisement on newspaper. She tried again and knew her future husband by chance.

All are matured person, the marriage was soon put on table.

Yun Xi is a local city girl, while her future husband May Feng came from another smaller city.  Comparing Yun Xi’s high salary, May Feng’s are less more, only half of Yun Xi’s salary. Yun Xi doesn’t care about it, but being a man, May Feng’s heart always feel unhappy .

They got married and brought a new apartment . Spending most of their money, but still they got a bank loan.

One evening night , nearly one month after they married.

Yun Xi watched her favorite TV soap. May Feng suddenly opened his mouth .

” Xiao Xi, I want to work in abroad for two years to make more money. ” He said.

” What ?” Yun Xi’s attention drew back from TV.

” Yes, there’s a chance . I can work abroad to make more money if you don’t mind. ” May Feng said.

” who introduce that ?” Yun Xi said.

” a friend of mine showed me a newspaper advertisement. I investigate it , it should be OK. ” May Feng said.

Yun Xi didn’t make any comments.

” If you have no objection, I plan to borrow some money from my friends for the agent fee. ” May Feng said.

” You already made decision ?” Yun Xi said.

” Yes. ” May Feng said with low voice.  He did not dare to look into Yun Xi’s eyes.  They’re still on honey moon…..

” If you already made your decision, why you need to discuss with me ?” Yun Xi left with slight angry.

May Feng kept silent.

May Feng left after one month , paying agent for RMB 10,000. He got the work permit working abroad. The contract will bear two years.

Yun Xi kept busying working.

One day, she’s doing overtime job. Her foreign boss joked her before leave.

” Ms. Yun, don’t work too late, you’re on honey moon, I don’t hope your husband thought I’m a cruel boss ! ”

” He’s not in here, worked abroad for two years. ” Yun Xi replied calmly.

” What ? ” Yun Xi’s words stopped her boss’s step.

” Ms. Yun, I never know you’re a kind of people who fond of joking ?” He said.

” That’s truth. He got a contract for two years for getting more money. We have a bank loan for our apartment. ” Yun Xi said.

” but you’re on honey moon, why don’t you quit your job and company with him. ” He asked.

” I can’t . I should have my own job. ” Yun Xi said.

Her boss looked her with surprise.

” More important than enjoy your honey moon ?” He asked.

” Yes, more important. that’s life. Here’s China. ” Yun Xi said.

” Strange Chinese people. ” Her boss murdered and left.

Every month, Yun Xi got her husband’s salary through bank. He saved every penny he earned. Yun Xi returned all the money they loaned from bank.

Two years later, May Feng returned and a lot of gifts to her with additional remaining money.

They started new life. May Feng soon found a new job in the city due to his working experience in abroad. This time, his salary is double than Yun Xi now.  They had a baby, and then again they had another apartment in countryside. Life seems smiling to Yun Xi now.

May Feng raised divorce request at the fifth year at marriage .  He fell in love with another young girl.

Yun Xi signed the divorce agreement without any words.  May Feng gave her one apartment and some money as compensation . Yun Xi will face her last life with her baby alone…..


UFO arriving

Chapter XII

Lunch time, colleagues from office all seated together while chatting. Lao Piao took his lunch box and sit beside them, smiled and said: “I sat next to all ladis, okak?”

They all amused by his words. “Of course.”

Lao Piao slowly opened its mouth. “I’ve given you a bad news. Workshop here has a young girl , who sent to the hospital right for her kidney problem, but the doctor diagnosed said it’s too late .

All stopped their chopsticks. Surprised and looked at Lao Piao . One voice raised : “Who?”

Lao Piao said: “Mei Mei. The most beautiful girl in the workshop. you may have an impression. “

The most beautiful?” Xiao Liang connected to the words. She’s the earlist staff, the resume of these workers have been passed through her hand,

Mei Mei.” Lao Piao repeated.

Xiao Liang thought a while, she remembered that Mei Mei has only eighteen years old, looks very beautiful, with sparkling eyes, She heard her beauty’s fame is among the nearby villages. sometimes she worked late, her boyfriend always come to pick her home.

where’s she now?” Xiao Liang asked.

“She came home and waiting more information from hospital. The doctor said she must transplant the kidney . and there is no saving in their home.” Lao Piao slowly said.

“Transplant?  terrible!” somebody spoke up.

“Awful? Maybe! The Problem now is money.” Lao Piao said.

“Generally transplant a kidney need two hundred thousand RMB.” He continued.

“Two hundred thousand RMB! !” Two hundred thousand, Not to mention an ordinary peasant family could not afford that, even their home in the city which also very hard to provide so much money at one time! They stared at each other without no more words.

“No kidding. Is true!” Lao Piao said, gravely. “But within a month if they can settle eighty thousand, surgery can be carried out.”

“Why ?” People raised the question with curiosity.

“Recently a group of death row to be shot. Therefore, there will be cheap kidney for sale.” Lao Piao said. .

All are no longer speak.

After some while, Lao Piao spoke up againIn our workshop we set donate box for her, if you willing to donate, you can go to the workshop office. I’ll catch a few speak to the manager to see if they can donate. “ He packed up his lunch box left .

Rest of the day time,all are unusually quiet.

Bi Rong Wu reported to the manager of the whole case, then transferred to another manager: “tens of thousands of RMB that spend so easier, here can save a young life ah! lack of money I‘ll donate. “

Two weeks later, sixty thousand RMB in cash has been delivered to Mei Mei’s parents form the company. An office’s staff who donated one hundred RMB for each. The workshop workers five, ten have donated either. managers, each donated a thousand RMB, the rest of Chairman bear the remaining, and the last money was paid by Mei Mei’s family.

Mei Mei was not appear on the workshop again. They heard her surgery was very successful, but she is no longer suitable for further hard work. She later only to have the most normal family life. This is all just a period of her life episode. That’s what they heard from Lao Piao. 

Chaptern XIII

Bi Rong Wu and Xu back to Hong Kong for their annual holiday, looked around the familiar surrounding, The suddenly lost their words.

Xu spoke first. “From the undeveloped rural areas and back to this bustling commercial center, I’m rather accustomed to it!” He smiled, “and here I feel like I have a gap with here now.”

Bi Rong Wu smiled and said: “I share your opinion!”

The same time they returned back from vacation to visit relatives, the village committees and their families of those came to Hong Kong as Tourists .

In mainland of China they stayed together for a long time, friendship has been raised between them, also there’s another feeling happened between them, which is more likely like a love, but not really like. It just let Bi Rong Wu and Xu feel more closer than before. But they still lack of passion for love.

Bi Rong Wu paused a while then said: “I entered office, they all joked me said I like a member of communist party member !” she laughed.

“Communist party member, I seemed also have some factors now.” Xu connected to her words.. “However, I am not too much high degree of Communist member.” He laughed either.

Chatting and walking, they approached Queen’s Road, Xu noticed an authentic Hong Kong style tea restaurant, suggested : “how about enjoy the afternoon tea ? “

 Bi Rong Wu nodded , Xu Shaohui said the words in her mind.

They walked into the restaurant together. Ordered six pieces roasted bread, vegetables and a mushroom, a glutinous rice dumplings, after that they ordered two cups of Wulong Tea.

 Food soon come up on the table . Two chatted and slowly ate it. Enjoying the leisure afternoon time in Hong Kong.Wa ordered two cups of Wulong Tea. Warrm sunshine let them feel warm and leisure.

  You’ll not guide the tourist team from Zhangyang village ?” Xu Shao Hui asked.

“Fortunately, I’m not responsible for that.” Bi Rong Wu don’t want to speak more about them.In fact, She got information from her colleagues with a plenty of complaints. After all, there’s totally 25 people together from country of mainland of China.

When Xu and Bi Rong Wu back to Hong Kong , they only eat this meal together. They are busy, constantly out to dinner with friends, after all, the Mainland and Hong Kong had not contacted for so many years, Many people are quite concerned about the situation there. so busy for a month, they again returned back to Zhangyang Village.

Zhang Yang village’s committee and their families returned back with excitement, satisfactory from Hong Kong and a several of large bags full of their bags. Do not ask, these presents are sent by Hong Kong company. They took some money to Hong Kong, but when they entered the store , they scared by the high price without any words . The tourist guide from Hong Kong office found their poor situation and arrange everything for them. So they came back without spending any money.

A piles of invoices put it on Xiao Liang’s table. That’s all the expense which Zhangyang’s village committee and the families spent on Hong Kong. Bi Rong Wu told Xiao Liang put all these cost together in the company’s entertainment costs. Xiao Liang felt more and more dissatisfied now. These people, on which basis to play at Hongkong and cost so much ? Virtue and morality is the most cheap tool to beat the dirty corruption.

Two months later, five technical experts submitted their resignation to the company. Almost at the same time, in a nearby village, a new clothing companies opened in a farmer’s house. The five technical experts went to the new company as respective. Their salary is double than the original one. The boss is one of the nephew of village member , Wang Pao’s son resigned from city servant and becomes a manager in the new company.

More and more skilled workers quit their job and joined a new opened company due to high salary. A year later. Hang Heng company closed down due to poor management. Plant was sold to the new company. All remaining worker changed their boss

Manager Pang was promoted General manager in Guangzhou branch.  To everyone’s surprise, he got married with Xiao Qing.Xiao Qing will follow him to Guangzhou and settle down there. Nobody knows when and how  they fall in love with each other, they’re the people who keep secret well. Before their departure , they hold a thankful feast to all friends they knew.

Bi Rong Wu , Fatty Wu, Xu all promoted to a high level after back to Hong Kong.

Xiao Liang sent immigration applications, she suddenly wanted to see the outside world, and certainly for sure there are too many things waiting her to explore . Hong Kong would be her first stop if possible………

  (This story is purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental.)            


UFO arriving

Chapter X

Managers interviewed on Monday and in the same day they fixed the people come to work after a week. There’s a lot of middle-aged people in the city town seeking this position as their factory facing bankrupt problem . Xiao Liang looked at his resume at her spare time, know his surname is Piao, more than ten years old than she and Xiao Ma, is a manager of a machinery factory, his previously company with poor performance and can’t pay salary for nearly one year.

I heard here the wages is fine, so I wanted to come here for work.” That’s what he said to Xiao Liang.

 A week later, Lao Piao started to work in the factory, he and Xiao Ma made a simple transition, Xiao Ma left his work early as he expected. That’s the status of China. Billions of people! Whatever who is missing, the earth is still turn around. Never think how important you’re , you actually just a piece of tomato. Further more, Xiao Ma is just a ordinary people here.

At the end of month, Xiao Liang pay special attention Lao Piao’s salary, his salary was twice as high than Xiao Ma. Xiao Liang felt injustice for Xiao Ma, if Xiao Ma has got such salary, he may not choose to leave. However, Lao Piao has working experience ! At least, manager Bi said.

Quality Manager Pang is typical Cantonese. Not tall, only a high school graduate. He joined Hang Heng after graduation directly. He started at the beginning in the Guangdong branch factory as ordinary worker in the workshop. His flexible mind, responsive, and strict for quality control soon get attention from senior manager. Only one year, he has prompted as a leader, three years later, the company hired him as an manager of the workshop. This time, the assignment working the North, is his personal application actually. He thought himself is still very young, lack of experience, that’s not good for his future promotion. The company accepted his application gave him surprise. but his title although counted as manager, However, he is well aware of the difference with several managers who came from Hong Kong. Especially in wages.

 Company’s production went smoothly. However, Bi Rong Wu and Xiao Liang encountered several bureaus audit one by one.

The first is local tax bureau and national tax bureau audit.Unfortunately the accounts that they made exists problems, they’re required to redo the account according to the requirements of national accounts, while their accounts is based on their company’s requirement. The tax bureau gave them a big fine with total RMB 30,000 . Bi Rong Wu felt a strong headache about that.The Hong Kong side of the account management is a completely different side, if in accordance with the Mainland standards , then Hong Kong companies can’t accept. Bi Rong Wu invited the officers from bureau held several dinner , repeated and explained their difficulties, and finally they reluctantly agreed to cut the fine to RMB 15,000. And plus a new account system must be in accordance with the standards of the mainland within three months. Otherwise, the next will not be simple as fine, their business registration document may be cancelled due to that. Lao Piao , was also invited as he knew all the officers in a small city town, further more, he can company the officers to drink while Bi Rong Wu can’t do it. The final result is  the fine deduct to RMB 15,000, but Xiao Liang’s workload increase, she has to prepare two sets of accounts now, one set for the Hong Kong company, one set prepared for local tax bureau. BI Rong Wu promised as soon as the company got profitable, her salary will be increased.

 After working in Hang Heng for three months, Lao Piao’s department added a young man as his assistant, a new technical primary school graduates. Bi Rong Wu and other three managers held a meeting together after the tax audit finished, all have a very good impression on Lao Piao’s job, they hope he can do more to the company and help the business run more smoothly.

Xiao Liang also has a new colleague now. They are all young and soon get to know each other. The most curious people among them is Xiao Qing, She is also just graduated from university, which was her first job either, but she has stayed at home for half a year. She worked here with her wage is zero on trial time. but the company provide her free room for living and free lunch, dinner, if the probationary period qualified , the management will reconsider her wage. Xiao Liang felt weird, zero wage and still work? if she has no wage, she’ll quit the job for sure. So, during the weekend she’s back home, she talked with her parents about her colleague’s case, her father said: “This is not surprising thing! hard on her family conditions for sure. Saving money on every kind of way ! you’d  more contact with her, these child who comes from poor family can bear much more than you ! “

In July, the beginning of summer, the South endures heavy rain and caused floods, reported can be heard on TV everyday. A call received from chairman and required them to deliver the latest patch of clothes to the floods area people as donations. BI Rong Wu let Xiao Liang to check information with the local bureau officers.

 “What?!” Bi Rong Wu’s voice increased far more than normal voice .

Xu was stunned a little shiver. But fortunately she had mentally prepared, so she calm down soon.After a while, Bi Rong Wu asked: “Are you sure? Will not have heard it wrong!”

“I consulted with foreign affair service centre with the subjects , they said they’re not familiar with that as they’ve never heard such things before, so he checked his leader to give the exact answer today.” Little Xu replied.

“I first heard such a ridiculous thing, pay tax money for donation of flood area people ! I have to report to chairman of the board about that.” Bi Rong Wu picked up a table on the phone. Chairman Listen clearly, thought for a while, said: “We have to donate, regarding the tax, pay as the basic cost standard!”

Xiao Liang back to her seat, and suddenly her mind does not work. It’s the first time that She dislike these civil servant from her deep heart. Every time she contacted with them, her good feeling will be affected. Their work are very leisure, drinking tea, read newspaper, their wage although less than the normal people, but their condition is much better, they all have a apartment in advance, Not like Xiao Ma, has to shift work in city to earn his money hardly. “ She deep sighed …..

Later, chairman’s decision will be informed by Bi Rong Wu to several managers, all keep silent. A number of boxes has was packed well and delivered to the local Red Cross charity. Xiao Liang payed tax, her heart still not happy. The civil servant of tax bureau’s cold face has some emotion appear. He looked Xiao Liang and said: “Oh, these guys looks pretty good. Aren’t they ?

Xiao Liang nodded without words.

Chapter XI

Pang and other managers in a conference room discussing the latest production report. In fact, the workers work pretty good, generally delivered smoothly, but recently , the warehouse was a few boxes of clothing got lost. He checked through the production line and warehouse, the data show no problems, so he suspected some of the workers and guards carried away with their clothes. However, it is suspected, there is no evidence. the factory’s doors and walls, not very high, easily over the wall, workers and guards all live in the local, it is hard to say.

 Discussion for a while, they decided to wait and see.

Not after long, another boxes of clothing got disappeared ….Several managers held a meeting again and unanimously decided to take the following measures sequently :

First: hire for the new door- guard. The new guard will bear one year contract, and all employed through outside agencies..

Second: the resent guard changing to the production line work.

Third: All the staff need to check carry-on bag when arrive and left.

New regulations let the city employee felt not accustomed and offended. It’s a abuse of our dignity. They complained privately. Workers started to talk it when they’re on work. However, they have to accept it as they work here. They have no objection. In fact, their company is not the first company who search carry-on bag , the nearby companies all have similar measure. As time goes by, they began to use to that.

Order gets more and more, Pang started shift workers’ working time to organize it. Overtime pay is not very high, but workers have been very satisfied. You know, on the county village, many companies they unable to pay or even less pay the overtime wages .

The office hanged a lot of honor prize and certificates shows the factory‘s outstanding tax, large export quantity and so on data. It’s quite often the Board and some guests came to take a visit. Zhangyang village got famous within the villages and within city town, even within city. The village committee also expanded their eyes and learned something, their understanding and ideal much more than the other villages leader for sure.

So after sometime, they received a phone call said chairman of the board will come. They all get busy for the telephone.

Chairman Sun finally arrive. Every employees has received a box of cakes as a gift. Managers are meeting in the conference room all day, the rest of small staff are rarely to enjoy this holiday time.

Conference room : chairman listened carefully of the department’s report, pointing from time to time, and he always smiled slightly, looked in a good mood to enable managers participating in the meeting with relaxed mood. Because of low labor costs in the Mainland, the company is still profitable and foreign customers are old relationship, so the orders are very stable. The staff’s salary have got average RMB 300 per month increase, and the worker’s salary have got average RMB 100 per month.

Because the report’s content of all managers, so the end of the meeting is very late. At the dinner time, chairman talked to Bi Rong Wu : “I want to meet the village committee of Zhangyang village, you arrange it for me.” Bi Rong Wu nodded. Chairman’s arriving is a big news in the village, the village committee members have already heard the news and just wait Chairman’s arrangement.

A dinner was arranged on a hotel restaurant in the day after another.

“Haha, long time not see you, Chief Zhang!”

 Zhang Mao Shun laughed and said: “you’re too far away.”

 All laughed and seated. The Zhangyang village committee member and all managers attended the dinner.

During the dinner. chairman first raised his glass and said: “Chief Zhang , distinguished members of the village committee, thanks for you take care of this company, the company runs pretty well and all aspects of the future! “

Chief Zhang and several village committees all stood up, while laughing, while saying: “Not at all. We did not do too much.”

Chairman  smiles: “I know the relative condition in the Mainland is not so good. So frankly to say if you do have requirement I can help.”

Zhang Maoshun connected to the words: “As chairman you know, we’re all local people and lack of knowledge . We discussed a bit a few days ago, hoping to have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, well, if chairman can help us ? “

Chairman  laughed, asked: ” small case, Do not know how long you intend to stay in Hong Kong? and also with family?”

 Zhang Maoshun surprised a moment for Chairman Sun’s quick answer, He lowered down his voice and said: “This look at your arrangements ! if Family can come, that’s perfect !

Chairman pointed to Bi Rong Wu and said: “Miss Bi will contact you later , you may need to provide some information and document.”

All thoroughly enjoyed themselves for the dinner.

Chairman  left three days later.

UFO arriving

Chapter VIIII

Zhang Mao Shun left two boxes at his home and took others to village committee office, Fatty Wu went ahead to the site directly.. He knew that during his absence, Xu’s workload is tough than before, fortunately everything is well-organized.

Workers all greet to him happier. Fatty Wu opened the last two boxes of moon cake and invited everyone to taste. Xu’s technology is very admirable, Fatty Wu also enriched the experience even more than Xu, and he likes to joke, So actually he’s more popular and welcomed than Xu. Xu was arranging the pipeline outside. seeing he coming, Xu stopped the mouth, walked away to speak to fatty Wu.

Xu lit a cigarette to fatty Wu, then for himself, he smoked deeply , paused and said: “I just listened to the workers’ saying,  this year’s winter is expected to unexpected cold, we should be prepared in advance. “

Fatty Wu  surprised a moment,

said:” This Mid-Autumn Festival just finished, and they already know the temperature of the winter. It’s comes from a weather forecast?”

Xu nodded and said:” They just said it might be , not necessarily. so we have to do more preparation. “

Fatty Wu asked:” They heard of anybody talked about the weather here? “

The village’s elderly people is good at the weather forecast. “Xu Shao Hui explained.

Fatty Wu said:” Oh! We add more fuel and speed the progress in time to catch it! “

Xu said:” I meant it. If the weather is too cold to affect the progress, the chairman blame for that, it’s not good for us! “

Fatty Wu and Xu went into office and discussed the schedule and investigate how to modify the time.

Bi Rong Wu’s office is relatively small and easy. Xiao Liang’s main work is accounting and general office work. Every month, she’ll prepare the company’s report and handed over to Bi Rong Wu. The current report is very simple, the company has unified form, she just simply filled data. Bi Rong Wu‘s office set inside it, because the company is also under preparation , everything is simple, they have not too much deal with government office, like tax bureau.

Garment factory is a relatively easy plant construction comparing other type of factories.Their plan is to build three floors, one and two is a production workshop and warehouse, the third floor is the office. And there will be another building as dormitory. Now the foundation and the outline of the building is ready. The only remaining thing is the inside fit up. Nobody expect that the winter comes so early and they encountered a particularly cold winter in their life.

Many years the village has not suffer such a heavy snow. Only a overnight, the temperatures plunged more than ten degrees, the whole village shrouded totally.

Xu and Fatty Wu hurried arrived the site office the early morning, goose feather snow still keep falling, and no stop signs appeared. They know clearly that progress should be temporarily stopped. They searched the workshop and found the pipeline has got problem, some already leaked with ice hanging there. A meter deep snow on the ground, walking is very hard. All the workers at the factory gate waiting for their decision. Xu and Fatty Wu discussed a bit, leaving four or five plumbers maintenance of pipeline, and the rest have one day holiday and come to hear tomorrow for more information.

Surprisingly cold, the temperature forecast said it’s twelve degrees below zero. Xu and Fatty Wu shivered with cold.

Meanwhile, Bi Rong Wu rushed to the county town‘s department store for big purchase. She brought several sets of small heater to the site office and back to the site office. The temperature is too low, and several small heater seems doesn’t work in the office.

It’s the first time Bi Rong Wu to see such a heavy snow, for her childhood growing up in Hong Kong, it was very exciting for her, but soon, this biting cold made her aware of their clothes are too thin. Xiao Liang weared a long and thick down jacket , with hats and gloves, walking is very difficult for her. However, It’s really warmful. Nobody will consider the beautiful questions at this time ! Three of them decide to buy clothes to warm themself. They went to department store together, bought a full set of cotton trousers, wrapped themselves totally. Now, from appearance, they looks no different as local farmer. The snow goose feather beautiful falling down and the trouble are not over.

 Back to the hotel at night, they first listened to weather forecasts, it said this rare heavy snow will last three to five days. They stared each other, three to five days, that’s means the progress will be delayed for sure. Bi Rong Wu called the company’s emergency phone, reported about the situation here, Xu and Fatty Wu also reported the site’s problems and repair of emergency today.They estimate the work can not start within one week. Chairman condolences over telephone gave them a comfort. Treat these days as for their holiday, a good rest, by the way appreciate the snow. Xu and Fatty Wu is reminded to continue the progress with the quality , so it must be guaranteed after the snow is over.

So, the next day, Bi Rong Wu informed the workers about the holiday notice. Xiao Liang hardy find a car to go home. The three manager made an appointment tomorrow to take some pictures inside the county town. .

The snow is really beautiful. Bi Rong Wu constantly put POSE , Xu keeps photoes, Fatty Wu joked them: “You are going to leave these photos when back to Hong Kong, let them envious you? “

Bi Rong Wu laughed :” Sure. This is only evidence our hard work here, and you had better take some pictures, for our ugly clothes and appearance. “

Xu and  Fatty Wu  all amused by her words. After several days snowing, it stopped finally. the sun comes on, road became slipped and very hard for walkingthey can’tgo out, just stay at hotel and direct straight to the site office for their reparing work.

This rare snow and repairing work delay the construction for nearly a whole month and raised additional cost exceed their exception. All the pipes are careful checked, changed, and wrapped a thick insulating material for protection. Xu and Fatty Wu prepared a detailed report and sent to chairman of the board. Although the chairman did not say too much blame words, but their heart still feel very guilty, therefore, in their later works, they’re more carefully and hard work. Fortunately, till the end of the construction finished, no major accident occurs. So next year’s March, plant completion. And the dormitory is ready also. Three manager and Xiao Liang moved into it on April.


With the arrival of the quality manager Pang and a large-scale recruitment, Hang Heng factory finally started production of the garment . The original workers they only left 3 for daily maintenance, the new workers are quite young. Most of them are between 18 – 25 years old. Including some relatives from villagers committee and other villager chief’s relative, Wan Pao’s daughter also included for sure.

 Hang heng garment factory’s clothing products are mainly exported to Japan and Korea. All material are imported from South Korea. the workshop is only a simple pattern cutting processing. So strict quality requirements is needed.

 Zhangyang village’s committee and Chief Zhang Mao Shun built very good relationship with Changheng garment factory. Dormitory is designed for couples of people living in, so they also employed several young employee from the city, most of them engaged in office work.

 Xiao Liang has prompted a senior staff now. She like her first job and feel very happy to for it. Factory started, she and Xiao Ma all get a raise on wage, although an increase of only a hundred RMB, she feel very much satisfied. Work began to become busy than before, she has new colleagues in the same department, all goes on well. She did not think that Xiao Ma sent a application for resignation to Manager Xu and Manager Fatty Wu.

  Xiao Liang remembered very clearly. It was a Friday, she was on the canteen for lunch, suddenly a lunch box was put down on her table, she looked up and saw Xiao Liang just took a seat. She laughed, and quickly greeting: “Oh, It’s you ah! I thought who does that! “

 Xiao Ma looked at her and said: “Small astonishment, I resigned.”

 Xiao Liang‘s mind stopped-, “what ?! are you kidding?” She put down her chopstick.

 “I’m not kidding you. I submitted my application, Manager Wu and Manager Xu has already accept it. And so next month, I will leave.” Xiao Ma said.

 “But why? You’ve work well good and we just increased a salary.” Xiao Liang said.

 ” just one hundred only. Do you know? One of my classmates who work in a Shipping company in the city, his salary is double for mine. “ he paused for while , continued :” I’m not like you, it’s good for a girl to have such job, stable and not too much workload, I need more money to get married and buy house. The salary here is not enough for me. But needless to say, the manager here is nice . Xiao Liang said with a bit of sad.

 The company has just put into production, after business got successful, we can definitely get salary increased.” Xiao Liang argued with him.

 “That’s for how long ? who knows? I can’t wait any more.” Xiao Liang said . He and two managers get along well, although little contact with the quality manager, but the impression is not bad. He is quite upset about resignation. But He’s really need money! A college student in a village is glorious things, his neighbors and childhood friends are counting that he can make huge money to support the them .

 “Then have you find a good job?” Xiao Liang has a better understanding of Xiao Ma’s situation and asked.

 “Yes, I was introduced by one of my college classmate. Their company just lack of hand but run good business. So in the future, if the business get more bigger, the boss promised to give one person a car. I’m on a trial basis that three hundred RMB higher than here.” Speaking of new jobs , Xiao Ma felt a bit excitement.

 “Oh.” Xiao Liang bowed his head, long time not speak a word. She has a strong feeling of people who familiar with, the sudden departure let her not not used to.

 “We’ll keep in touch.” Xiao Ma comfort her .

 Xiao Liang nodded and squeeze her smile: “good.”

She noticed in the morning three managers rushed to manager Bi’s office, closed the door and chatted for a long talk, now she realized that it may because of Xiao Ma’s resignation. .

After eating lunch back to the office, Bi Rong Wu asked her to find out all the previous candidates resume for her reviewing. Xiao Ma’s resignation let them feel astonish and sudden, four of them discussed the whole morning and even lunch time still not finished this issue, the final conclusion is the next employee on this position is to find an older and higher stability people. Decision has been made after Bi Rong Wu found several middle-aged man’s resumes, the interview have been arranged on Monday, Xiao Liang made a telephone notification.


UFO arriving

Chapter VIII

The day before Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhangyang village’s chief on behalf of committee, brought three boxes of moon cake as gift to the site office. Xu evaded for a while and finally accepted it.

He took the moon cake back to hotel. Bi Rong Wu opened a box and try some first. It is so hard to commend. Moon cake was too hard, and she and Xu just tasted a little, others all left to Xiao Liang.  They miss the moon cake which made in Hongkong, soft, sweet and delicious. Bi Rong Wu heard that nearly all the local moon cake are terrible , when she buy the moon cakes on the next day, she really pay attention and chose the most expensive brand type.

After Mid-Autumn Festival, she sent report to headquarters on time, mentioned that horrible taste of moon cake by joke, suggesting when fatty Wu back to town take some delicious cakes if possible.

That Mid-Autumn Festival, Bi Rong Wu and Xu feels quite special. It may because they are so far away from a familiar environment, they began to miss many things which had been ignored before.

For the two young people, it’s also very special and different, they began to seriously look into their life. That’s not everyone’s life is same,  early marriage, have children, grabbing power and money on a lifetime and regard family glory as a most proud of things. They had thought before that the books are fantasy stories, but now the facts is lying here, they began to believe  “drama of life.

Construction of the site continues. Xu get along well with local farmers. Zhangyang village’s committee rarely come to disturb their work. Time passed quickly. blink of eyes, a month later, Fatty Wu finished his vacation and back from Hong Kong.

Fatty Wu called a taxi with large bags back to the hotel after dinner hours, gave Xu and Bi Rong Wu a big surprise. Fatty Wu took many cosmetics to Bi Rong Wu and a lot of DVD to Xu. There is no nightlife, television channels and rarely few. In addition to these, Fatty Wu took some boxes of exquisite pastries. He cheerfully said: ” Two of you are really worked hard during my absence. I heard that you did not eat a delicious Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake, so I brought one box for you two. Also some for the staffs who worked here for tasting, some may need send to the village committee , if they used to eat, then next time have chance will bring more. Bi Rong Wu opened a box of cakes, cut a piece and ate, Xu either. They gave Xiao Liang a half box of moon cakes and said: “Take some and try , you’ll like it for sure. Xiao Liang took two pieces and  back to her room, leaving them to chat .

Xu and Fatty Wu chatted about the construction site and colleagues in site factory. Lively atmosphere is a rare harmony.

The next morning, Fatty Wu holding boxes of moon cakes together with Bi Rong Wu went to village Chief Zhang Mao Shun’s home. Zhang ‘s wife quickly made tea for the guests and seated them, Zhang Mao Shun inquired about the completion of this plant, also good arrangements for workers to come.

Fatty Wu said: “Chief Zhang we are also anxious about the progress of factory ! I heard Xu said , it’s moving smoothly. According to the progress of this project, there are still six prosperous months remaining, the plant can be finished. So the employment of worker can be started.

Zhang Mao Shun very satisfied with this response, six months is not very long time for waiting, as long as the factory is running, there will be a lot of money came in, their village became rich is not so far a dream.


UFO arriving

Chapter VII


After that, Xu occasionally will ask Xiao Liang to do some small work. Xiao Liang was always ready to be helpful. When Fatty Wu finished his vacation and back to the city town, he found Xiao Liang is already became Xu’s right-hand, she’s willing to learn new things which let Xu quite appreciated  as on the site mostly are farmers. Xiao Liang was very popular with the occasional arrival of the two managers. But that’s the issue which should be talked after one month.


It was a weekend, the next day is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Early in the morning, Bi Rong Wu told Xiao Liang to buy some moon cakes and delivered to the site office for sharing. Bi Rong Wu herself took boxes of moon cakes to the county town’s government office. When Xiao Liang took moon cakes to the site office, it’s approaching dinner time, everyone stopped their work and start enjoying the moon cakes now.

Xu provoked the first topic: ” the festival is tomorrow, what else you eat except moon cake? “

We would also eat eggs. ” Xiao Liang connected words.

Oh, everybody will start the holiday from this afternoon. I forgot to tell all  in advance. right, red envelopes are lying here as gifts . It shows the name of each person on the cover, do not forgot.”Xu said with a smile. All burst into cheer and left the office.

“Manager Xu, will you eat eggs on the festival ?” Xiao Liang asked. Since last time Xu sent her back to hotel, she was very good impression of the manager.

“We do not eat. In addition to eating moon cake, we will buy some flowers and go home.” Xu smiled and said.

flowers? “ Xiao Liang asked with big surprise.

Yes! There’s a lot of flowers in Hong Kong because the warm season. We are all like flowers. “Xu said.

but, you are not buying flowers to manager Bi !Xiao Liang asked.

Xu distracted for a while. Sending flowers to Bi Rong Wu? He used to be thought about it, but never put into action.  buying a bunch of flowers and sending to her is not a bad option.

He nodded seriously and said: “Yes ah!nice suggestion! thanks

Can I find a flower shop here ? He asked.

Xiao Liang lost her mind on Xu’s words. Mid-Autumn Festival sent flowers, so romantic , if someone sent a bunch of nice to her! She’ll feel happy to faint…….

hello ?” Manger Xu saw Xiao Liang’s eyes wandering now.

“Manager Xu, you’re not in your home on Mid-Autumn Festival, does your family miss you ah!” Another voice from Xiao Ma .

“Fortunately. I am not a child, my parents can take care of themselves .” Xu said.

what do your wife do?” Xiao Liang asked. If he got married, the husband can not come back out, then New Year, he must feel very bad.

“I’m single.” Xu announced a bit unnatural. This is his own private business and should not be talking about, but the words have been said .

The statement is like a heavy bomb to the two young people. Especially for Xiao Ma. Their mouth became the big “O” type, and look at him in surprise. Single, this situation is only seen in the novel, in this remote northern town, the word is like a fairy tale as weird. But here is really stand a living example. Interest in two young people’s were soon hanging up.

Manager Bi, is single, right?” long pause, Xiao Ma carefully asked.

“For ah! She is also single. But It’s not so good to speak other people’s privacy. ” Xu completed his topic when it comes to Bi Rong Wu.

“Hong Kong, have a lot of single people ?” Xiao Liang asked. “ Hong Kong is really a far city for us.”

“Many, but not all .” Xu replied and smiled.

“Why not get married?” Xiao Ma was still confused by the object.

“This, alas, never met any woman who want to marry !” Xu thought for a moment, replied.

We are here all get married quite early. “ Xiao Ma looked at Xu with admire, he thought Xu is really cool. He has been pro-phase, under the dowry, and so he has to save some money for a year or two to build a house to be married.

Xiao Liang looked Manager Xu, she felt Manager Bi and Manager Xu quite match, but she didn’t spoken anything.

Xu Shao hui do not want to talk any more about it. He has said too much of his own.

Two young men had gone back to their home for the festival, more than half the city shop are closed. He travelled half of the city and finally find a shop selling flowers, flowers have fainted a little, he took a bunch of flower back to the hotel and find Bi Rong Wu directly. Bi Rong Wu still not came back.

Xu back to the room, He showered, took a cigarette, quietly inhaling.

He had finished forty-five years now.

He heard a light knock on the door, he hands out his cigarette, walked to open the door . Bi Rong Wu stood in front of him wearing a rose-red jacket, looks very young.

She said: “I heard that you search me?”

Xu quickly rush himself into a wash basin to keep the flowers out to Bi Rong Wu.

Bi Rong Wu’s eyes lit up with smile : “You’re so powerful and can find a bunch of flower in here, it’s not easy.”

Xu laughed, “I traveled aross half of city. So what’s your ideal of night?”

what’s ideas? Here lacks entertainment  after eight in the evening, no-one was on the road. However, I asked Xiao Liang for a CD, Don’t you have interest in coming together to listen ?”

“So what’s talking about ?”

“Revolutionary Model Operas——“The Red Lantern”

“” Red Lantern “,” Xu can not remember where he had ever heard of this opera before. The Cultural Revolution in China seems to be very voilent.

“For ah! Xiao Liang recommended that this play very well accomplished the people over the nation , and the words is mandarin. we should be able to understand. I find a CD player in the hotel.” Bi Rong Wu said with self-satisfaction.

“Oh, all right!” Xu said, left and closed the door.

That night-time is really great and remarkable. Bi Rong Wu prepared some melon juice, both listening to opera while teasing the content, they felt very close by.

After finished listening to opera, Xu sighed and said: “You say that the Cultural Revolution is really horrible, all these people can only hear that limited several plays, and life is really boring. I can’t imagine Xiao Liang’s youth and childhood.

Bi Rong Wu smiled and said: “She took this one from her home. I feel the people in mainland lived quite simple and happy, not used to work too much, like us from morning till night, tired to the half-dead, still the money did not earn too much. “

Xu amused, “So you want to quit ? Ha ha! Then fled to Hong Kong from the Mainland !”

“We are now active return Hong Kong to Mainland.” Bi Rong Wu joked. They looked each other and smiled.

The moon was full already. Back to his room in hotel , he made a telephone call to his family, parents very happy and kept asking his status. He talked for a while and withheld the phone later. A different mid  – Autumn festival in mainland of China !

UFO arriving

Chapter VI

A week later, chairman Sun personally came to the village , attended the company’s ground-breaking ceremony, in the loud sound of firecrackers, the building started to plant.

Zhangyang villagers gossiped for the garment company’s ground-breaking ceremony for almost a month.


That day, listening to the older generation of villagers said , was auspicious. As far as managers in the constant company said later, the time was set by a famous fortune-teller . To ensure that the new company all runs smoothly and future career prospects bright. Ceremony was solemn and dignified. at least in the minds of the Zhangyang villager, it is upper class. Mayor Liu and other county town leaders came to the site and attended the ceremony either.

 After the ceremony, all employees were given a red envelope. There is RMB 100 Yuan. Leaders went to the city’s five-star hotel restaurant to enjoy the special day. Zhangdemao,  as chief, also honored to eat a most corrupt feast in his life. After dinner, all VIP has got a red envelope, When Zhangdemao backed home, he opened it, it is 100 dollars. This time, he did not tell his wife but just quietly hidden better. Perhaps 100 dollars plays a role, he found out the first time in his life, that money and power is so closely related. He began to realize why their village has remained a poor village for such a long time .

 The plant is started to build. a simple site office was built on the plant for two manager’s temporary use. Bi Rong Wu still spent most of her time on the hotel as the company’s temporary head office.

 Three months after the plant’s construction, fatty Wu flied back to Hong Kong for his vacation. Just happened another weekend, they all have spare time and the weather is good, they made an appointment to the city for shopping.

The country town to the city is very convenient, only take a small shuttle bus or take the coach. The round trip will spend three hours together. Since the plant began construction, they rarely have time to go to the city. Sometimes, the three gathered to chat, teasing  each other to accept brainwash to work at mainland of China. And accept the revolutionary ideas re-education.

Xu and Bi Rong Wu smoothly took a coach to the city’s coach-station. They took a taxi to the city downtown, brought their daily necessities, by the way bought some food after the taxi back to the county’s hotel.

Chapter VII

“Jackie, your completion of this plant as planned ?” Bi Rong Wu asked on the dinner . Liang is not available, she comes to the city and will back tonight.

“Something like that!” Xu replied. (Jackie is Xu’s English name)

“Your people know how to deal with that?” Bi Rong Wu goes on. Jackie Xu is famous in their company for his single status, good character, technology and nice temper, for the opportunity to get along with Xu separately, she refused to stay in Hong Kong and choose to the country town in mainland.

Not too bad. Quite fair.” Xu is not a active person.

“With my observation, Yes, people actually very honest, and work well.” Bi Rong Wu said with smile.

Jackie Xu has very good impression on the small country town. He really want to seek a girl who looks very clean, simple and warm-hearted mainland girl, pure and honest to marry, and then maybe settle down. He’s bored with Hong Kong girls’ sophistication. That’s the reason he accepted a challenge to here.

He connected the words, “I need to print a document, would you do me a favor?”

“OK, no problem. Tomorrow I will let Xiao Liang go to the site office to find you.” Bi Rong Wu readily agreed.

” fine! ” Xu feel embarrassed. “I will hand the disk over to you later.”

Two hours later, Xu knocked Bi Rong Wu’s door , Bi Rong Wu already changed her pajamas and ready to take a bath, Xu saw a complete feminine capacity of Bi Rong Wu, hair loosely around her shoulders. Her face showing a lazy smile when she found Xu is standing outside door.

Xu’s mind grabbing the absence, but he soon controlled his emotions, he handed over a disk to Bi Rong Wu, say good-bye and left alone soonest. 

The next afternoon, Xiao Liang took out printed documents and floppy disks to the site office to find manager Xu, Xu is extremely busy.He just accepted all and said thank you and then kept sticking on his work. People kept searching him. Disturbed him from time to time by asking him questions, and soon it comes to dark. He was also preparing to leave and found with astonishment that Xiao Liang still quietly sitting there.

He suddenly remembered that he forgot the existence of Xiao Liang. He stood up and felt deeply Sorry. He smiled and said: “Sorry, there’s too much work. leave together.” He called a car and took Xiao Liang back to the hotel.

 On the Way, he asked Xiao Liang, “used to do work here?”

Xiao Liang showed a shy smile, “okay. But just too far from home. Manager Bi is good to me.”

Xu laughed: “She is famous as a work hard woman in the company, except chairman, we are all afraid of her.”

Xiao Liang listened carefully.

Xu said, “you can not believe that she keeps single till now, a lot of people chasing her, but she doesn’t like any of them, she is excellent. Working with her is your good fortune. You will learn a lot things. “ Xiao Liang smiled.

She has worked here for a several months, three managers are all very nice, She felt from her deep heart that they are very easy to going on. Especially comparing with the staffs in government offices. They always show cool faces as if somebody owed them a lot of money .Case of dispute about things often happened. They said she is very strange to work hard to help outsiders, She is not fully understand so-called her work to help outsiders. Her wages is only little higher than the people who work in the city.

Soon, the car arrived, Xiao Liang got off the car, Xu followed. They found Bi Rong Wu already waited on the hotel restaurant.

Xu said “I brought back your disciples.”

Bi Rong Wu laughed : “Thank you, ah! Later, sometime if I do not available, you speak to her directly if you have something need help. She can help you do things what you don’t have time to do. Now , it’s better for both of you take dinner first, I am starve !

Xiao Liang nodded her head and sit down at the table.

Xu said : ” well, I am starving either ! ” , he smiled.