Icedawan is a pen-name of me.  why do I choose this as my pen-name ? It’s actually a Chin-English pen-name. sometime, I do thought frostawan is more western like actually.

There’s so many legency stories on the world, still there’s too many dark and miserable stories on the world. All the sorrow things let the people who have knowledge and literal keep deep think of the world and the society. how much pressure the word can give to the world , the society, can we let all the unfair things away from us ?

There’s a famous CD called ” secret garden”. It’s true that everyone’s heart hide a secret garden, but for some, who hide the warm, kind and generous heart inside, on the contrary, there’s evil, dark , scandal, cruel on other’s. It’s very hard to judge one person’s behavior at the present time, for there’s nobody can predict his(her) effect to the younger generation.

That’s may be the reason I’m a Icedawan.

I am a mainland of China based self-employed writer, music lover !

” All copyright reserved .”


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