Yun Xi should belong to Gloden OL in this middle-sized city.

She worked at small foreign company office, as an only female here, she enjoys other colleague’s care. Her living area is limited. Home – office, sometimes, she needs to go out and do some payment work.

She took part in several match maker activity which arranged by newspaper and TV program, but not successfully. 

Days passed and past, and one day, she saw there’s a new activity advertisement on newspaper. She tried again and knew her future husband by chance.

All are matured person, the marriage was soon put on table.

Yun Xi is a local city girl, while her future husband May Feng came from another smaller city.  Comparing Yun Xi’s high salary, May Feng’s are less more, only half of Yun Xi’s salary. Yun Xi doesn’t care about it, but being a man, May Feng’s heart always feel unhappy .

They got married and brought a new apartment . Spending most of their money, but still they got a bank loan.

One evening night , nearly one month after they married.

Yun Xi watched her favorite TV soap. May Feng suddenly opened his mouth .

” Xiao Xi, I want to work in abroad for two years to make more money. ” He said.

” What ?” Yun Xi’s attention drew back from TV.

” Yes, there’s a chance . I can work abroad to make more money if you don’t mind. ” May Feng said.

” who introduce that ?” Yun Xi said.

” a friend of mine showed me a newspaper advertisement. I investigate it , it should be OK. ” May Feng said.

Yun Xi didn’t make any comments.

” If you have no objection, I plan to borrow some money from my friends for the agent fee. ” May Feng said.

” You already made decision ?” Yun Xi said.

” Yes. ” May Feng said with low voice.  He did not dare to look into Yun Xi’s eyes.  They’re still on honey moon…..

” If you already made your decision, why you need to discuss with me ?” Yun Xi left with slight angry.

May Feng kept silent.

May Feng left after one month , paying agent for RMB 10,000. He got the work permit working abroad. The contract will bear two years.

Yun Xi kept busying working.

One day, she’s doing overtime job. Her foreign boss joked her before leave.

” Ms. Yun, don’t work too late, you’re on honey moon, I don’t hope your husband thought I’m a cruel boss ! ”

” He’s not in here, worked abroad for two years. ” Yun Xi replied calmly.

” What ? ” Yun Xi’s words stopped her boss’s step.

” Ms. Yun, I never know you’re a kind of people who fond of joking ?” He said.

” That’s truth. He got a contract for two years for getting more money. We have a bank loan for our apartment. ” Yun Xi said.

” but you’re on honey moon, why don’t you quit your job and company with him. ” He asked.

” I can’t . I should have my own job. ” Yun Xi said.

Her boss looked her with surprise.

” More important than enjoy your honey moon ?” He asked.

” Yes, more important. that’s life. Here’s China. ” Yun Xi said.

” Strange Chinese people. ” Her boss murdered and left.

Every month, Yun Xi got her husband’s salary through bank. He saved every penny he earned. Yun Xi returned all the money they loaned from bank.

Two years later, May Feng returned and a lot of gifts to her with additional remaining money.

They started new life. May Feng soon found a new job in the city due to his working experience in abroad. This time, his salary is double than Yun Xi now.  They had a baby, and then again they had another apartment in countryside. Life seems smiling to Yun Xi now.

May Feng raised divorce request at the fifth year at marriage .  He fell in love with another young girl.

Yun Xi signed the divorce agreement without any words.  May Feng gave her one apartment and some money as compensation . Yun Xi will face her last life with her baby alone…..



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