Poems Collective

16th July 2008
I prayed and prayed in the dark
Is there a pair of hand
Strong enough
To support the candlestick of life
I wandered and wandered loneliness
Which road
Is the right cross for happiness
I travelled and travelled
Seeking the dim hope of my half
But always come back in vain
Quiet and peaceful you
Singing an old famous song in the corner slightly
The green handkerchief
Is on behalf of my hidden heart
Keep silent till now
For the reason only of you
Only of you

Would you like to go to heaven
God always ask me with smile
But I do doubt his faith
Is there exist any darkness place
Would you like to go to hell
Devil sends his invitation continuously
Afraid the pressure of culture
I do not dare to close by
Is there a miracle exist
Would you like to sob in the heaven
Or experience surprise in hell
The question doubt for thousands years
Appear on the road of your life
Is harder than Sphinx
But attract people to find an answer
One by one
Would you like to sob in the heaven
Or experience surprise in hell

The heart of Sea
18th July 2008
You once said
Your heart is wide as sea
In case it’s true
I only wish
I am a sail which wandering on the sea
Whatever the wind blowing
Always in your arms
You once said
Your heart is deep as sea
In case it’s true
I only wish
I am a bunch of coral growing of the sea
Touch the deepest soft of your heart
hide the beauty in dark
You once said
Your heart is changeable as sea
In case it’s true
I only wish
I’m the rock which laying on the shore for thousands years
Whatever the time and tide
Company you always
to see the sunrise and sunset forever

The Red Rope
Just a slim and red rope
tied your and my half-life naturally
I once thought
It would fix a marriage forever
Time goes by and by
Your footsteps move farther and further
And I
Smash to the new landmark continuously
The knot on the rope gets loose gradually
and it separate finally one day
Full with dust right now
And hide it on the corner
Waiting for someone
Who may find it
In the future

11th August 2008
We all have bright eyes in childhood
Learning and absorbing
Hope to discover the mystery of the world
Being an adult
The pollution of society change us
Age has been found on the eyes
It become sharp and sophisticated
Most people turn their interest to kids
They own the bright eyes
Which we had had before
I still trust
There should be a legend of bright eyes within adult
In the noisy city always

26th August 2008
We three friends
Gathered in the bar one day
Experienced too much for the hard life
Sigh for the unexpected future
The city has covered by your footsteps
And for me
It’s just a beginner of explore
The God of Fortune
Separate us in due
You settle down in the noisy city
She fly to overseas finally
Only me
The once guest
Become a member of the city at last
Waiting for the gathering time in vain

12th September 2008
Is there any kind of flower
Popular as you
Blooming on the roadside, mountain
Even on the cemetery
Bunch of yellow and white flowers
Telling people the meaning of life
Is there a kind of flower
Noble as you
Gentle care and tender
Blooming on the chilled autumn
Proud for the difference with others
But to sigh with no company always

Three days brightness left in life
20th September 2008
Three days brightness left in life
I may not find my eye man
But have chance to leave my handwriting
Within the limited days
Three days brightness left in life
I may choose leave
to an absolutely strange world
Spending my remaining life
Three days brightness left in life
I may arrange my life
Writing a piles of letters
Post to parents in a rest years
Three days brightness left in life
I may just wait quietly
For the upcoming darkness
And the totally different life

The sea of Qingdao
4th October 2008
First time close to sea
She said to me : look here, look here
Here is my pride glory
Here is the mark of the city
I followed her advice and look through
There’re crowded people and dirty sea
I left with disappointment
Second time close to sea
She said to me : look here, look here
Here is my deepest area
Here is a place once powerful people spending holiday
I followed her advice and look through
There’s wedding dresses like cloud
And shining smile of the new couple
I left with moved heart
Third time close sea
She said to me : look here, look here
Here is my purest heart
Here is the nearest place to God
I followed her advice and look through
There’s joyful people playing
I left with smile

The view of Chongyang
7th October 2008
Sky is blue as jade
Sun is shining as fire
The Blowing of sea wind
Plus an excuse of Chongyang Festival
Becomes of course
Feeling the breath of autumn
Listening the footsteps on the falling leaves
Is not just climbing
Whatever youth
Whatever old
Fly your heart
Let it touch the edge of sky

10th October 2008
Once the chilled wind blow
The yellow leaves fall
Covered the road
piles of all
Cloud is spread out
Left the sky pure blue
Several pedestrians
Wandering on the seashore
Leaning fishing poles
Company along with fisherman
Waiting for the fish
in leisure and pleasure

12th October 2008
When the first cry was heard in the city
I have no ideal
The future waiting for me is strange and odd
Can’t control by self totally
It is the parent’s choice
Forced me no right to choose my birth place
I was decided to be a wandering subject here
It’s impossible to find the root of nation
Far away from my relatives
I am the banished eagle
Flying on the sky of the city
Trying to find a place settle down

Late Autumn
15th October 2008
One night drizzle
Wet the lane on road
Few people on there
With slimming light
Pine green forever
Others covered with yellow leaves
Falling leaves all around
Telling autumn will over soon
Heavy cloud hide the sky
Cool wind fresh your mind
Limited warm in the apartment
Defending the busy out world

11th November 2008
Are the old photos which kept on the album
Is the place which record childhood and joy
Is the place when you land it
You will keep deep sign
Is the place  whatever you go
You still remember the accent
Is the place which strange but familiar in memory
Is full of smiling faces of relatives
Is the place which family root stayed
Is the place you may escape
But have to come back at last

Tree, I Am
20th November 2008
Tree, I am
Long for settle down
But never find the fertile soil
Struggle for life
But never grow up smoothly
Tree, I am
Whatever planted
Rock will stop my steps for growing
After one or two years
Tree, I am
Keep moving always for different reasons
But still prefer to bear storm
Rather than live in the warm house
Tree, I am
Keep seeking the fertile soil
Tree, I am
Hard living but never give up

12th December 2008
I wonder
When it will be possible to receive
The lily which sent from you
The pure white lily
Only planted on the mountain
You said
It may never have such a day
Or it may just a bunch of
Cheap plastic flower
To replace your faint missing
Or it maybe
Only at the end of life
Will receive the a bunch of lily
Which made by the pure white paper
Expressing all your wordless love

Colorful board
20th December 2008
Entering the society first
my pure heart is as a white paper
The surrounding are all have their color
So they pick up their painting pen
Leaving different color on my heart
More and more oil painting
Gather on my heart
It become a colorful board at last
Cover with all painting people passed by
Too much pressed I suffer
Due to the heavy oil
I have to escape
From the current world
Clean myself on the stream
Try to find back my previous pure
All the oil painting
Made up a special plastic paper
Keep my clean heart
Far away from the pollution forever

Born at 70th
31st December 2008
Small town is my homeland
Born on 70th
When I was young
Limited salary which my parents earned
My childhood was spending there
Lacking toys and foods
But thanks to the place I grew up
For the experience I had before
I cherish all I have today
Born on 70th
That special period
When I start to grow
The country open the eyes either
Slowly changes happened gradually
I have to fly away
Seeking my dream come into truth
The opening of country move slowly
My ideal advanced forward
Born on 70th
That special period
Living on the strange city
Fighting for living and money
Bearing the empty
far away from relatives
Insisting the basic moral line
Born on 70th
That special period
Test field like my life
Trying different seeds to be planted
Only hope to find the suitable one
Grew up
Born on 70th
That special period
Only on the unique time
Know the suitable thing is the one
You like to do
Born on 70th
That special period
The song of cat
19th January 2009
Standing on the crowded road again
The gate of memory slowly open
The broking pieces have been collected
Although it became vague sometimes
Wondering on the road aimless
Hope to find the evidence which not change yet
But it’s really a luxury requirement now
The remaining have all been opened as resort
The city which I avoid to touch
For a longer time
Suddenly accept my existence and appearance
I found in surprised that it’s suitable for me to survive
But I ignore it for a long time
Am I changed a lot
Or the city changed a lot
I have no ideal
My only answer is
Freedom is here
Spend it as much as you can

Wish I can have a thousands of masks
Change at the different occasions
Wish I can have a thousand of hair
Change as the feeling
Wish I can have a thousands of colorful contact lenses
Being a nation whatever I want to be
Wish I can on the high leg
Can travel changing sex
Nobody will criticize me at all
Wish I can have a pair of wing
Fly to the sky in the night
Join the party with moon and stars
Feeling the loneness standing on the top of forbidden city
Too much wishes
I find the time is too short and limit
Day and day passed fast
I just listen to the music
Let imagination goes anywhere if it can

Internet love
Knowing through internet
Appear on the screen
Is the words which hide on the heart
As time goes by
From stranger to familiar
From far distance to close
Although never meet before
Seems know for a long time
One day of the year
I come to the city where you live
Suddenly thought
What you said the words
Regarding the city
The city’s image
Become active for your introduction
The real you
Will be how much sophisticated
I looked the people passed by
Guess your figure in vain
Will it be possible
You’re the one
Who just passed by
And I ignore it
With regret

Lang Tao Sha – Plum
17th February 2009
Leaning branch point to the sky
Doted dark red inside
Blooming wish shy
Hard to compare beauty with other flowers
Pride for the special
Perfume flow with sleeves
Color light the cold winter
Even the wind has mercy
Like to be a guardian whatever
waiting up blowing forever

Nv Guan Zi ———– Orchid
17th February 2009
Green sleeves fly away
Slim figure wave up
Light yellow decorate beauty
Flush and flow
faint perfume come into your heart
Wind blow the steps
Shaking and spread
Dare to ask the fairy’s name
Said : Fairy Luo

Ordinary people
17th February 2009
Cotton clothes wear
Millions of books read
Point out the problem
Comments the issue
Who said it can only be done by the powerful people
Without rank without official
How much value it worth
Compare life with ants
May light , May heavy
Laugh a number of gangsters
Sacrifice the life so easy

Loving Letter
19th February 2009
The darkness evening
A pile of letters
Spreading before me
Wondering if
Writing a loving letter to you
On such a peaceful and quiet evening
Writing down all my missing
And plus pieces of maple leaves
Or just post blank letters
Let you guess what I want to say
Or even more
Drop some dew on the letter
Let you guess
Tears on my face
Draw up the feeling of writing finally
Romance is belong to the people
Who can understand and taste it
It much better
You write the loving letter
For I am fully aware
What you want to say
Even a few words

20th February 2009
The pure blue sky
Belong to Lasa in deep heart
The Buddhist scripture keep turning and turning around
Only speak out from the devoted heart
Will get the bless from Buddha
The road which passed everyday
Covered by the roots of pilgrimage
Brilliant Budala palace
Only in this wide land
Can express it’s splendid and mystery
The coming people
How many with broken heart
Wish the pure blue may release the sorrow
And keep it on the heart forever

24th February 2009
Sometime I do think
Is there a lot of people
Same as me
Keep struggle in the tradition and modern
Envying to own the independent space
But still spoil self on parent’s love
Hating all kinds of entertainment
Hunting for the personal peaceful time always
But have to confess
The entertainment sometimes is necessary
Enjoying the firecrackers
Especially on the holiday
But hating it pollute the air
And producing so much rubbish
Confused by the complicated relationship
And the different titles
How to remember the face on the mind
Which not appear frequently
How wonderful if I born on the west
Such a simple word
Include all
Standing on the middle area
Be traditional when it need
Be modern when it need
The life is quite short
Ignore the divider if possible
AT is youAT is me either
AT are all who standing on the middle area
Dislike by the tradition ones
Hard to accept by the modern ones
But still they exist
Standing on the middle area

No subject
Those who follow other’s steps
Don’t forget how to walk at the last

The words of Man
I hate the couple of style
Otherwise I can marry eight wifes
Standing in line
One gentle
One knowledgable
One lovely
One smart
One beauty
One cool
One has angel’s voice
One has Venus’ figure
Another is fortune-teller
Any problem I met
Choose one to deal with it
Chatting when I want to chat
Get out if I am unhappy
Stay with one I like
Don’t allow to fight with each other
Friends like foot and hand
Wife like clothes
How intelligent you are
Don’t you dare to say good-bye to me
Don’t be pride as you’re still beauty right now
There’s a huge number of youth waiting by
I am a man
A man can be so cool
A man can be so handsome
A man can be so powerful
Whatever you like it or not
We can stop the game anytime

Appointment in heaven
9th March 2009
Should be exist in the deepest of clouds
You may find it on the top of mountain
Through the straight and cliff steps
But you can never reach it
A place which clouds around side
Should be exist in the deepest of river
The groan water flow
Maybe the steps guide to the bottom of river
But still
It can only take you
To the paradise which far away from noisy
Should be exist in the deepest of sea
The calm and dark blue water
Is only the view confused your eyes
On the road to the bottom of sea
You can find the strange lifes
Or dance with the spirit who buried for thousands of years
Actually exist in heart always
It flow as the wind
Arrive the mountain
Arrive the river
Arrive the sea
So I make an appointment with you
Dating in heaven
Fly the heart with heart
If we can’t be together
Let us make an appointment in heaven
The place which others can’t touch
To release all the desire of hear \

Fake single
Friends around you
Fashion ahead
Party involves
Young and energy all ways
Doubt you’re still single
Doubt you pretend to be cool
But you confident to tell others
You’re the model of good man
There’s quite few like you right now
What’s the matter
Married man is better than single
Wandering in the crowded
Using the fake single status
Let the single lady fall in love
Let the married lady think more
What’s the matter
Do we need to find a detector advance
Finding a status then get in touch
Fake single
You keep the single lady no place to hide
You keep the single gentle no word to say

14th March 2009
Strong wind as sobbing
Pine branch bow without word
Wave up and down to the shore
Boats anchored alongside

14th April 2009
Cultivated self for nine thousands years
This moment
I transformed to a human being
Buddha saidyou have too much goblin factor on body
The first life can only be a prostitute
I thought : what’s the matter for ?
Be a human being is fine
Old bridge along with clean river
Carved housed with planted flower
Pillows draw their branch down
Pink color, white color,
All have shadow on the river
Nights and nights
Music , singing and dancing
What a wonderful life it be
It keeps raining and raining
Walking along the bridge alone
I met you at the first time
The locked heart
Suddenly feels a little difference
You told me it’s impossible for marriage
You’re born to be noble
But I was too low as prostitute
Although I do see
The deep movement on your eye
The wedding night of yours
Is the day I left the world
Buddha saidmercy your true heart
Let you be a lady this life
Second time be a human being
The time is after nine hundred
The joyful world with crowded people
Carriages, cars and etc
I met you finally as a pure virgin
But you said
What I wanted is the fame
What I needed is the power
You’re too pure and innocent
You’re impossible to be my wife
I married to another man for your words
Still , you are kept in my heart
I made decision to leave the land
Heavy rain that day
Surprised that you run to set me off
When I board the ship
I saw you die in the gunpowder
Your blood flew into the river
Third life to be a human being
Buddha said: you choose what you like
Happy is just empty !
When can you realize it ?
My tears dropped down as river
Time passed more and more quickly
I come to the world again
I know I’ll meet you one day
For the karma which still not solve out

The spirit of sunflower
3rd May 2009
Where is the sun going
Which give me energy and power
I seek around
Only see the grew sky
Without endless
Without you
I feel the life has been split
I wonder and wonder
Don’t know where my heart will go
You still not appear
my head laid down
finding a huge area of black soil
I stand there lonely
Waiting you come back hopeless
And endless
Remark : <the spirit of sunflower> is written after visiting the painting of
Xu Jiang.

Painting skin
3rd May 2009
Pouring the ink
I pick up my writing brush
Draw a painting for you
The mountain faraway like your eye-brown
Contains sorrow and upset
The slim fingers
Turn around your dark hair
One circle and another
Lower down your head
Still can’t hide the charming and beauty
Clothes flying with perfume
Your figure slightly move
You should be in the heaven
How come banish in the world
Whatever you’re a human being or goblin
I just miss the soft tender
And the sweetness on the bed
For me
That’s the best satisfaction of life

To be different means hard life
To be different
Means hard life
As you’re against the whole principle
As you’re against the whole world
To be different
Means hard life
As you can hardly find the people who familiar as you
As you can hardly find your true friend
To be difference
Means hard life
As you are marked as odd people
As you are admired as advanced mind people
To be difference
Means had life
But people live to be different
Why should we have same life

20th May 2009
You know clearly that I love you
But I know either
You may not fall in love with me forever
I found a girl
Whose face and figure is similar as you
To replace you
I let her dress your cloth
I let her have your hair style
I let her read the book you read
I take her to the place which you have been to
I take her to meet
All the people you know
I let her to stay the house which you lived in
I found your shadow on her
I smell your perfume on her
I never care what she think about
I never care what she like
But I know she’s fully belong to me
That’s encough
Although she’s never replace you
But she looks like similar as you
She’s your twins
Your twins who created by me

Decoration worker
20th May 2009
You all are
Sitting alongside the road
Three or four
Several pieces of wooden advertisement
Are laid on your before
Listing all the things which you can do
You look around the walking by people
Without any emotion
Waiting the unknown employer
What caused you flee from hometown
Abandon family
Come to the unknown city
For the rich and luxury life in the city
Or bored with the farmer’s life
Or you just hope
You are to be outstanding people one day
You do envy the citizen
Hope to be same as them
So in case you can’t achieve them
Your grandchildren may have chance to overcome them
Do you have any knowledge
The citizen you envy
What they have
Is just linked on a job
When the job lose
All things may go
But you
At least own a land
Which belong to you
But you don’t want to cherish

20th May 2009
The only thing I have in my world
Is the pure color
The world which build up by the pure color
Is still the pure world
Without any dirty from the world
To me
You’re more like vapour
Coming from the vase
Around me always
Although I do love your elegance
But I know clearly
I can’t leave you for my own
The passing vapour which accompany with you
Is my love’s ending home

Tears of milk-cow
22nd May 2009
I’m a milk-cow
Who grew up from the grassland
I was spoiled by most of the people
For I’m eating the cheapest grass
Provide the best milk
My milk whiten the girl’s skin
My milk strengthens the children’s body
My milk strong the old’s health
But , but
As time goes by
The grass I can eat become more and more less
But I have to squeeze more and more milk
I only live in today
I have no ideal how many tomorrow I have
I exhaust my energy and health
And it doesn’t have too much
Nobody concern about my living
There’s a lot milk-cow waiting to death as me
Only the milk-worker
Have seen my tears one day
For the unknown fortune

The yellow
24th May 2009
The yellow
Originally is the color which belong to the soil
But now
It occupy the sky of the city
The former clean city
Has been controlled by the yellow totally
How many people groaning for you
Do you have ideal ?
How many people missing the past life
Do you understand ?
The pieces of papers which fly on the sky
Is the poet who care about you
Writing a letter using his blood
Remark : < the yellow > is finished after visiting the painting of
Shen Zhen painter

The lotus heart
I hold my heart
Close to you
Hope you can cherish it
You teased with smile
Throw it away
Asking me
How much value it worth
Your words
Like sword and knife
Hurt my heart full of blood
I saw my heart blooming as lotus
What a lotus heart
Blooming lotus heart

Your brilliant beauty
Why not lost as time goes by
I murmur to the mirror
I traced back your past time
Try to find your special recipe of that
And do hope
I can be same as you
Keep the beauty forever
Why you like to follow my steps on everything
I murmur to the mirror
What I know
Is not the secret receipt of beauty
Different people have different life
You can’t be the one same as me
Whatever you’ve learned everything of mine
Don’t you believe
the beauty sometime will put you into trouble
You’re too young
And just saw the superficial figure
You can’t imagine
How many hard work and tears I paid for that
You can’t imagine
How many gossip I bear from people
The jealousy
Cause us to keep distance like hedgehogs
The jealousy
Cause our friendship become more and more fragile
But what can I do
You will understand my kind heart
I hope you’re fine always
For I’m already
See through the whole world
I murmur to the mirror

30th May 2009
Never as good as you expected
Walking along the road
Missing the view on far
Stopping for rest
Thinking the accidents what happen before\
Never as good as you expected
When you get success on work
You may bored by the family
When you have happy family
You may upset for plain position
When you own all
You may sign for the short life
When you look into the life
You may feel lonely as nobody share
Never as good as you expected
The sorrow is your loyalty company
Is just a life !

Bronze knight
16th June 2009
I travel a long distance to see you
Bronze knight
Only want to know
How pride and noble heart
Which hide under the heavy helmet
You give me answer using the fresh air
You give me answer using the clean river
I travel a long distance to see you
Bronze knight
Only want to know
What kind of land
Can feed such soft and hard heart
You give me answer
using the flower which bloom along the road
You give me answer
using the unknown plant which planted along the road
Bronze knight
You hold your sword
Hiding on the ground
Guarding the land
Which you cherish in heart

The war (I)
23rd June 2009
The war
Is the nightmare which I can’t erase from my memory
Flood of blood flow under my foot
The death are laid down beside me
The soldier with gun standing there
Without any emotion on face
As if it’s happened on another world
Not far away
Is a line of people
Who sending their death to heaven
But I can’t see clearly
Their face
They wear mask and move slowly
For all the people who died no reason
Guide their spirit to heaven
Somebody is laughing
For the thing happened here
Why not
The world is not controlled by us
Power and courage
Should be exist in the upset life
To support us
To survive

The War (II)
The war
Is the nightmare which I can’t erase from my memory
I hate to be a solider
I am
I have to follow the order
Although sometimes
I do think
The order is unreasonable
I’ve seen too much blood and death
Just happen around me
There contains my friends
Also contains strangers
My soft heart
Become quite hard
Who knows
Maybe I will be the next one to die
So many days and nights
I was stayed in the trench
Bearing the sorrow apart from family
Bearing the gunpowder
The family letter
I’ve read a lot of times
The papers have been rolled out
And next family letter
When can reach my hand
Nobody have ideal
I long for the news from family
Even if the few words
The only comfort
Is the music and songs
From radio
It keeps my heart and homeland
Relationship always
Remark : <the war> are writing after visiting the painting of Qingdao painter.

Lonely Pompeii
10th July 2009
I’ve heard your previous glory
But now
I can only guess it
From the remaining stone
I look through your only pole
Stand on the blue sky
Lonely and quietly
Only the two beauty
Company you alongside
I move slowly according to your relics
Try to find the your deepest elegance
But whatever how I look through
I can only find the loneliness
Your name is actually called lonely

The riverboat on Nile
12th July 2009
Decorate the night together
The young dancers
Showing their dance one by one
They look around us curiously
They may dance again
For the guests who come far away
And also for the local
Till midnight

Miss Bean
That day
You ask me
Miss Bean,
what type of man you want to be your husband
I replied seriously
He must be Handsome
Otherwise I have to suffer a lot when eating food with him
You burst into laugh
That day
You ask me
Miss Bean,
except Handsome
Is there any other requirement you have for your future husband
I reply with hesitation
Humour of course
Otherwise life will be quite Boring
You look at me
Thinking deeply
That day
You ask me again
Miss Bean,
Except Handsome, Humour
Any other requirement for your future husband ?
I glare at you
Healthy comes first
If it’s a condition
You look at me
Without any words
You say
. Health is not include in the condition
Any others
I think twice and say
The most important thing is
Loyalty & Honesty
You fell down to the ground
That’s the reason nobody marry you
You say
You glare at me back
I like to be a friend of you
As I am curious to know
Is there a Mr. Bean on the world
Waiting for you

Focus On
You focus your time on tea-house
I focus my time on coffee-room
He focus his time on pub
Is there any difference
We all focus our time on something
The difference is place
You focus your time on pretty woman
I focus my time on camera
He focus his time on travelling
Is there any difference
We all focus our time on something
The difference is subject
Focus on this and Focus on that
Life is just a play
You can’t be too much serious
Because it’s not control by you and me

Arab lover
16th July 2009
I want to have a Arab lover
He may send me a Arab cloth
To cover my body totally
He may send me a white veil
Only leave bright eyes
Attract your heart without word
I want to have a Arab lover
He only allow my beauty to be seen at home
He only allow me to dance crazy at home
He only allow me stay at home
Forbid my eyes flow away
I want to have a Arab lover
He may rich rather than a king
But never think to far away from homeland
He never look down the desert
As he known clearly
The treasure which hide below the ground

My evening dress
16th July 2009
At the bottom of suitcase
Hiding a blue evening dress
The material is soft and light
It’s the dream which hide in my deep heart
I saw it on the most luxury shop
That I only enjoy from far away
But never dare to step in
It was wear on the model that time
My feet are not under my control
I wear it with help
Found another self in the mirror
A person who I never saw before
Although the price is my month salary
I bought it without hesitation
I never dream to wear it on the red carpet
To be the hot-pot
My only wish is
To be a Cinderella one night
Even if turn back to normal before 12 O’clock
But I wait and wait
The chance never come to me
I can only wear it on the lonely night
Appreciate my hidden beauty
It only stay
At the bottom of suitcase
Although it’s my best love always
Leisure life
18th July 2009
Start the leisure life
By the name of leisure
No need too much money
Enough for spending
You may wander alongside the seashore
Feeling the happiness of breath
Enjoy the wind blow softly
And the shining sun
nothing is important
If you can forget everything
You may enjoy a feast
Let the romance light your grey life
Warm your stomach
Your heart may soft either
When you lying on the sofa
Watching the cars passed by
Listening the slight music
Finally you’ll understand
That’s call leisure life

The imagination of raining
4th August 2009
Drizzle everyday
It mark the season of raining
Taking an umbrella in the street
Without purpose
Watching the people pass and by
Move fast and slow
The beauties of city
Spread their charming and attraction
Perform the comedies and tragedies
Sometimes there’s some view worth you stop your foot
Sometimes you may feel
The difference of pretty
All the things
Will be silent in the rain at last

4th August 2009
I am your neighbor
A neighbor opposite to your house
You may not notice me right now
But I don’t care
I may get up early
Watching your left figure
Cross with sunshine
I may sit in the dusk
Drinking a cup of coffee
In my balcony
Enjoy your dim figure hide in the curtain
I found my life become interesting
I found my days passed so quickly
I begin to enjoy the smallest beauty
I begin to feel the fresh air
I really want to talk with you
To be your neighbor
Is so good

The city symphony  –sorrow
10th August 2009
I worked hard
Day and night
To gain the food
I use it to my necessary survive
You’re standing on my shoulder
Doing business which is superior than me
When you doing business
Don’t you have any mercy
For the people
Who struggle in the lowest line
When the insects
Occupy our land
Do we still have milk
feed up our children

City symphony  – struggle
12th August 2009
This is the city I live in
A heavy pollute city
A place I grew up
The green mountain and clean river
Only leave impression on mind
The old buildings
Shadowed by the new skyscrapers building
The dust in the air
And the smell of soil
Keep me out of breath
I am obliged to be a man living in cover
Only leave one eye
Glancing the dirty world
Leave one mouth
Speaking occasionally
And add the energy
The woman I loved
What you’ve found
Your eyes lighting specially
Have you find a green land
Or it just
A beautiful dream

City symphony – helpness
12th August 2009
The chair still empty
Empty for a long time
It once been my seat
But that’s a case long time before
I was once a lion before
Handcuff without move
Throw into the bottom of chair
Only see
That it change with dust
The people nearby
Playing and enjoying
He look at me with tease
Knowing I hate him into bone

When People thought you’re a God
One day you’re a normal people
Another day you become a super star
Your face recognized by every one in the world
What will you do right now
When people thought you’re a God
One day nobody takes care of you
You’re the throwing rubbish by everyone
Another day you’re the VIP of the world
What will you do right now
When people thought you’re a God
One day you’re the prisoner in the prison
The cop take a gun around you
Another day you become a hero of the nation
What will you do right now
When people thought you’re a God
Things always changing
People always changing either
What will you right now
When people thought you’re a God

Flying here to there
Just waiting for an opportunity
To meet you
Although nobody knows
This opportunity
Will it be a beginning of a love story
Waiting and waiting
Just looking for
A happy ending love story
in the instant society
loving for a longer life
already become a legend of past time
the waiting heart
used to be hurt again and again
and the wound
become a spar under the chill wind

19th August 2009
Flying here and there
What I am waiting for
Is just a sweet meet
Nobody knows
Whether it will be the beginner
Of the next love story
Waiting and waiting
What I looking for
Is a happy ending story
In the instant society
Loving forever
Is just a legend of memory
The patient heart
Used to be hurt always
The wound
Become one and one track after the strong wind

Chess Game
19th August 2009
We start our chess game
A chess game without ending
I am confident first
That you’ll be defeat for sure
I use all what I have
Fighting with you on the chess board
You move slowly with caution
Every step
I found myself was in a trouble status
Your looseness step
Forced me to the dreadful situation
I have two roads to choose
Give up or die
I lost my direction and courage suddenly
Let the natural feeling guide me
To another unknown ending

24th August 2009
The part of journey
You company me to finish
Next part of journey
Who will company to finish
Never dare to ask you about our future
For we have no future
The only thing belongs to us is now
The only thing we can do
Is to be a good partner
You get off the bus
Another one get on
The excellent of journey
Half part come from your partner

City symphony – attraction (ending)
24th August 2009
I am the best love of Apollo
Slim figure
Angel’s face
I am shining under the sun shine
A long and pretty black hair blow with the wind
The man who handsome like princess
Are you the missing half of mine
Or just only a person pass by
Left a mark on my life
When you close to me
Be careful , be careful
Snake is laying between us
You may not find it before
But it do lay between us
In case you’re not brave enough
In case you’re not hard enough
Please leave me far away
My apple is not belong to you
The venom may damage your handsome face
The venom may hurt your strong body
In case you’re not careful enough
In case you’re not brave enough
Please leave me far away
My apple is not belong to you

The deer’s love
26th August 2009
I belong to the highest branch of deer
So I can look far than others
I have long and elegant neck
I like to cool myself under the shadow
chewing the leaves
Looking around the surround
I will lower down my head
Only when I need to drink or food
I like to stay with other deers
As we’re the same kind
And have same enemy
But sometime I dislike to stay with them
They’re short eyes and arrogant
That day I wander aside
Meet another branch deer playing together
I found a deer who looks like my kind
But she always lower down her neck
To keep self no higher than others
I close to her with curiosity
Tears full of her eyes
My hard heart suddenly become soft
I took her left her friends
We run on the grassland
We taste the dew in the morning
Her lowered neck
Come back to normal
We fall in love finally
There’s a new love couple appear
It’s my love story
A love legend of deer

31st August 2009
I sit on the gambler table
A pile of stake are put on my side
The party finished one by one
My stakes have been lost a lot
It’s my last stake
I hope it can make my stake double
Life is just a gamble
Somebody win
somebody loose
I have all which cause others envy
But it comes too easy
And I need something to stimulate
So I choose here
Money comes so easy
If you’re lucky enough
Here you’ll understand
Money is nothing actually
Here you’ll understand
Millionaire is actually a normal one
Here you’ll find
Your wealth can come and go only in a minute
I am a gambler
Not a professional one
I am too clear for my fortune
So I can’t be a professional
Maybe you should come to here one time
At least to know
What is called
Money means nothing

Three color – the world of watercolor
3rd September 2009
Full of black
Is the shadow of my heart
Piles of red
Is the desire in my heart
The small and unclear Chinese character
Is the deepest memory of mine
Remark : <three color> is written after visiting the exhibition of Taiwan

claim from a cat
I’m a real cat
An intelligent cat
I have my personal artwork
And it used on my site
There’s a copycat
Who I don’t know where he comes
But he knows all my work
As if he’s in my mind
I have no ideal how to deal with him
Because he’s smart as me
I have no ideal how to get rid of him
Because he looks similar as me
A real cat and a copycat
We both exist on the world
Who will be the lucky survivor
Only Gods know the answer

City symphony — hope
12th September 2009
My world
Originally limited in the small area
I walked slowly
Enjoy the warm sun shine and soft wind
Life is calm and peaceful
Everyday is same as before
An angel appear before my bed one night
She said I may have a wing in the future
My world will not be limited on the ground
It will be wider and wider
Although I will become the object of hunters
My life will not be secure any more
I hesitate for a long time
Finally I made up my mind
I would like to fly in the sky free like a bird
Dance with cloud
Company with star and moon
Only stop on the ground for a moment
Whatever sacrifice my remaining life
remark: <city symphony> are written after visiting the exhibition of French

Oil painting figure – cowboy
23rd September 2009
Grey sky
Just like my heart
Accompany with the reed
And clean river
I look after these couple of horse
We have deep feeling
But we’ll apart
After several days
Who knows where they sell to
A house racing place
Or private horse yard
The red pony
Will it be gift to a kids
Nobody knows
I will leave here either
Seeking another palace for job
These land
Will be replaced by more and more skyscrapers
My fortune is same as these horses
So we share the last couple days gathering

Oil painting figure – maiden
23rd September 2009
I walked for a long way
Looking for a shadow
Finally find a brush of sunflower
under the noon sun
I was attracted by the golden shining
Lying underneath
Looking for the sunshine from the flower
The warm day
Exhaust my energy
Sleeping naturally
Forget everything
I see my princess on the dream
He come to me slowly
Kiss me to wake up
What a sweet dream
Under the beautiful sunshine

Oil painting – fat woman
23rd September 2009
Bathing in the bath room
I look around my naked body
Not slim leg
Fat stomach
Nobody like
Me too
What should I do
I hate myself
Living in the country who admire the slim figure
Also hate the age I live
Our ancient ancestors
How much they admire the beauty like me
But now
I have to face with mirror
Sign and sign
My figure left on the mirror
True but not beautiful
Next bathing
I will face
My naked body again
Remark :<oil painting> are written after visiting the exhibition of Russian

Lazy lady
5th November 2009
Leaning on the bed
Too much tired
The first beam of sun
Shining on the drawing table
Blooming of spring flower
Grass become green
Butterfly pass and by
Smiling to the lady in room

Lazy lady
5th November 2009
Swing up
Seeing the long hair fly
Face hidden inside
Perfume of flower spread around
Swing down
Frighten suddenly
Looking around
Such a big garden
Golden fish swim in the middle of river

Lazy lady
5th November 2009
Curtain hide
Washing busy lady
Snow white leg
Dark black hair
Fully blood-red cloth
Cover the slim figure
Fall leaves ground
Wind keep silent
After dressing up
A glance
Is enough for a whole life

Lazy lady
5th November 2009
Glimmer light
Sitting in the building
Sound is weak
Spending the cold autumn alone
The warm of arm
Come from the pet cat
Without speaking
Smart enough to gain the heart

                                                                                                                   Lazy lady

5th November 2009
Standing in the riverside
Water flowing and flowing
With no ending
The heroes
All said it’s the root
Missing the company of mountain and bird
Forgetting the passing time
Just a moment

Lazy lady
5th November 2009
The previous most beauty
Now is just a normal one
Such a angel’s face
Time hurt it silently
The previous most noisy place
Now is just a peaceful home
Hard work of the potter
For who it worth

Lazy lady
Warm and nice spring
Tourist all crowded
Boring to sit in home
Wandering the view with pet
All said people is valuable
For they have cloth
Now my pet have cloth either
It’s value more than the people
remark: < lazy lade> is written after viewing some painting on the vendor.

Single’s Holiday
The figure is stand by lonely
Just like you and me
The column are stood by straightly
Just like you and me
Never give up our will to be single
Not all the birds have spouse
Not all the hands have another hands to shake
There’s various colour in the world
Why your eyes only accept one colour
When the simple figure
To be repeated again and again
Only in one day
We all knows
That’s our holiday comes

The language of stone – Ankor Wat
11th December 2009
They say
We’re here always
Here is our home
Thousands years
Few people come to disturb us
And the calm world
My partner
Are the stone status
They say
As we always together
So one day
I will become a buddha statue
And they will become old trees
I thought
They are joking
But they say
Trust me
You’ll become a buddha statue one day
So time passé and passed
Nobody knows when it will come
Until here is discovered
And people find finally
We are all together
Become a mixture
Is the unique Ankor Wat

14th December 2009
All said
You must protect children
They’re the hope of future
Is that right
Here , many children chase you
Beg to you
The money , paper and pen
For reading
And you
How much money you have to support them
For the children who not born by you
All said
You have to have tough heart
Then you can win
That people
They use our sympathy to cheat the money we earn
But , facing so many bright eyes
so hard to be cool
Facing so many hand
How can it be poor

Shu He & Soho
16th January 2010
She comes
Like a butterfly
Smiling on the face
Bright eyes sparkle
Said to me with radio voice
My name is Shu He
Shu is my family name
He is the name for lotus
She stands there
Hair flows with wind
like a lotus from water
I find myself like a foolish
I don’t know what I said after that
I dated her for tomorrow’s supper
Pink crystal lights hanging in the restaurant
I saw her eye lighting
Nice place
Like a palace for princess
She smile
I smile either
The time for departs comes
She said
We change another place for supper tomorrow night
A place which will open after 10 o’clock
I nodded
The night of second day
I come to the place she nominate
I saw a different Shu He
Dark and smoky eyes
Sexy red lip
I forget how to speak
She smile to me charmingly
Call me Soho
Hip Pop
Shock me so much
The shaking and turning light
Change the pattern immediately
I saw a numbers of face
Each face have big mouth
Speak the language which I don’t understand
I saw the sexy beauty attracting me
I saw the dancer and singer high to the topmost
I fled away
Without say goodbye to Soho
I never saw Soho
After that night
I’m afraid
Let such a dangerous woman occupy the heart
I married a normal woman
And then, then
Life is so bore
I live as others
I have my own kids
All have been passed
I never saw that girl
The girl who have dual name
One is Shu He
Another is Soho
Only when I face the lotus on the water
I may think of
A short love
I once have
If , If, If
She doesn’t take me to the place
Which only open after 10 o’clock
She may be my wife now
But I can never look back
My name is Shu He
Shu is my family name
He is the name of Lotus
She smiled to me charmingly
Call me Soho

Hello, Huang Pu River
18th January 2010
Sitting on the chairs of river garden
Enjoy the warm sunshine
Seeing it light the river
Hearing the siren
Surprised that it would be a seashore
I see the seagull here
The skyscraper block my eyesight
The standing bell building
Ring with music of < the red east>
Remind you
Here is not the previous Shanghai
The new place
Flood with blood
Their heir
Have sufficient reason come to here
Hello, Huang Pu River
You have never change the muddy water
But the people who come here
All changed by the joyful city
Hometown is just a name for memory
Hello, Huang Pu River
Hello, Huang Pu River

Namasty, Nepal
16th February 2010
With full of dust
I close to you
A river blue like jade
And in the far away
Mountains around by the cloud
Namasty Pokhara
Facing the drizzle
Starting the hard hiking
Under the light fog
Several row of rooms
located in the mountain
Namasty Himalaya
Rest the foot
Taste a cup of tea
Smell the flower
Listen the water sing
The eyesight
Is far to the leveled farm
Pieces of snow fall down
Piles and piles
Only find the smoking rise
Trust there should exist family
Rosy clouds appear
Morning sun shine at the top of snow mountain
The golden circle spread
The paradise of world
Hiding here secretly

24th February 2010
Once said
Finding a good night with clear moon
To see the star sea together
Although I do doubt
Is there any place can see the nice view
In the city
Whatever it’s just a word
Faint under the pressure of city life
One night I was in abroad
Look up and surprise
The star’s light like torch
Suddenly remember the word said once before
The same sky
Star are shining on other country
The partners are all stranger
The words
Is for tonight’s star
Or it just
Let you to understand
The agreement can be postponed
But the heart can’t be continued
The king of damage
24th February 2010
See the people
Who throw away the rubbish
I sneer
See the people
Who cross the traffic light in mass
I despise
What’s the matter for
How many days you’re coming to the big city
Showing the disrespectful
I destroy my hometown totally
So I can stay here doing nothing
I spoil the others pollute the land
I have no ideal to stay here any more
I spoil my clan to crash the company
it’s impossible for the new generation
I drive the people away
So the people stay here have rice to eat
All things have been damaged
I start to investigate the world map
To live the country where protected nice
People get rich when they have money
You may run anywhere when you have money
And stay there without doing anything

Wind of British
21st June 2010
Wind of British
You blow calmly
You guide my heart pass the century
Back to the past
Wind of British
You blow calmly
Do you still remember
The heart of Hui Ying
Once indulged by you so much
She’s the talent beauty
Choose to company with stone and sands
Wind of British
You blow calmly
You blow calmly
Do you still remember
The heart of Zhi Mo
Once indulged by you so much
He said goodbye to Cambridge again and again
Still not taken any of the cloud there
Wind of British
You blow calmly
You blow calmly
Do you still remember
The heart of Shi Cheng
Once indulged by you so much
His marriage due to you
How can it be he forget you so easy
Wind of British
You blow calmly
You blow calmly
You guide my heart to meet the spirit of ancestors

The sunshine of Edinburg
25th June 2010
The old building are made up with rock stone
Faint black inside the dark yellow
Corroded by the rain and wind
Rusted as seen
The lane from royal palace to castle
Crossroad included in it
Wet and damp
The goblin who wandered in the air
Flying through the sky of city
Circle around and around
They all wait
The coming golden sunshine
Drive the dark away
Take the wind from sea
On the flower , grass and tree

The pearl of East – Hongkong
The pearl of East – Hongkong
Have you ever deeply hated
Your dearest mother
As she abandoned you cruelly
Although she had to do
The pearl of East – Hongkong
Have you ever wondered and hesitated
When you came back to your mother’s arm
Everything has been changed a lot
The pearl of East – Hongkong
You are so charming under your stepmother’s care
Your other sisters
Envied and surprised for that
How much you suffered and sacrificed
They have no ideal
The pearl of East – Hongkong
You always wander between the two mothers
Blood and love
Forced you in the trouble place
The pearl of East – Hongkong
Dust comes to your body continuously
But it just let you become more bright
The pearl of East – Hongkong
You’re the legend of double mother
The only sister
Who can compare with your beauty
Is the lotus city – Macow
The pearl of East – Hongkong
The water of Xiangjiang river
Can’t tell your sorrow and upset easily
Four Gate
– Tower Bridge
31st August 2010
Look up you
Tower Bridge
Four gate
Standing between the Times river
High and low
Boats cross below you
The anchor as wave
Link your four gates together
Close to you
Tower Bridge
Four gate
Pass the bridge with cars , people and bicycles
First gate
As the prelude of March
Tenderly and gently
Second gate
Already in the middle of Times river
Third Gate
I surprised
The ancient memorial archway
Are also splendid as yours
Press a woman’s whole miserable life
Fourth gate
I look back and back after pass by
Fourth gates
You’re not the memorial archway of course
The Times river
Surround you peacefully
Soften your heart without notice



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