UFO arriving

Chapter XII

Lunch time, colleagues from office all seated together while chatting. Lao Piao took his lunch box and sit beside them, smiled and said: “I sat next to all ladis, okak?”

They all amused by his words. “Of course.”

Lao Piao slowly opened its mouth. “I’ve given you a bad news. Workshop here has a young girl , who sent to the hospital right for her kidney problem, but the doctor diagnosed said it’s too late .

All stopped their chopsticks. Surprised and looked at Lao Piao . One voice raised : “Who?”

Lao Piao said: “Mei Mei. The most beautiful girl in the workshop. you may have an impression. “

The most beautiful?” Xiao Liang connected to the words. She’s the earlist staff, the resume of these workers have been passed through her hand,

Mei Mei.” Lao Piao repeated.

Xiao Liang thought a while, she remembered that Mei Mei has only eighteen years old, looks very beautiful, with sparkling eyes, She heard her beauty’s fame is among the nearby villages. sometimes she worked late, her boyfriend always come to pick her home.

where’s she now?” Xiao Liang asked.

“She came home and waiting more information from hospital. The doctor said she must transplant the kidney . and there is no saving in their home.” Lao Piao slowly said.

“Transplant?  terrible!” somebody spoke up.

“Awful? Maybe! The Problem now is money.” Lao Piao said.

“Generally transplant a kidney need two hundred thousand RMB.” He continued.

“Two hundred thousand RMB! !” Two hundred thousand, Not to mention an ordinary peasant family could not afford that, even their home in the city which also very hard to provide so much money at one time! They stared at each other without no more words.

“No kidding. Is true!” Lao Piao said, gravely. “But within a month if they can settle eighty thousand, surgery can be carried out.”

“Why ?” People raised the question with curiosity.

“Recently a group of death row to be shot. Therefore, there will be cheap kidney for sale.” Lao Piao said. .

All are no longer speak.

After some while, Lao Piao spoke up againIn our workshop we set donate box for her, if you willing to donate, you can go to the workshop office. I’ll catch a few speak to the manager to see if they can donate. “ He packed up his lunch box left .

Rest of the day time,all are unusually quiet.

Bi Rong Wu reported to the manager of the whole case, then transferred to another manager: “tens of thousands of RMB that spend so easier, here can save a young life ah! lack of money I‘ll donate. “

Two weeks later, sixty thousand RMB in cash has been delivered to Mei Mei’s parents form the company. An office’s staff who donated one hundred RMB for each. The workshop workers five, ten have donated either. managers, each donated a thousand RMB, the rest of Chairman bear the remaining, and the last money was paid by Mei Mei’s family.

Mei Mei was not appear on the workshop again. They heard her surgery was very successful, but she is no longer suitable for further hard work. She later only to have the most normal family life. This is all just a period of her life episode. That’s what they heard from Lao Piao. 

Chaptern XIII

Bi Rong Wu and Xu back to Hong Kong for their annual holiday, looked around the familiar surrounding, The suddenly lost their words.

Xu spoke first. “From the undeveloped rural areas and back to this bustling commercial center, I’m rather accustomed to it!” He smiled, “and here I feel like I have a gap with here now.”

Bi Rong Wu smiled and said: “I share your opinion!”

The same time they returned back from vacation to visit relatives, the village committees and their families of those came to Hong Kong as Tourists .

In mainland of China they stayed together for a long time, friendship has been raised between them, also there’s another feeling happened between them, which is more likely like a love, but not really like. It just let Bi Rong Wu and Xu feel more closer than before. But they still lack of passion for love.

Bi Rong Wu paused a while then said: “I entered office, they all joked me said I like a member of communist party member !” she laughed.

“Communist party member, I seemed also have some factors now.” Xu connected to her words.. “However, I am not too much high degree of Communist member.” He laughed either.

Chatting and walking, they approached Queen’s Road, Xu noticed an authentic Hong Kong style tea restaurant, suggested : “how about enjoy the afternoon tea ? “

 Bi Rong Wu nodded , Xu Shaohui said the words in her mind.

They walked into the restaurant together. Ordered six pieces roasted bread, vegetables and a mushroom, a glutinous rice dumplings, after that they ordered two cups of Wulong Tea.

 Food soon come up on the table . Two chatted and slowly ate it. Enjoying the leisure afternoon time in Hong Kong.Wa ordered two cups of Wulong Tea. Warrm sunshine let them feel warm and leisure.

  You’ll not guide the tourist team from Zhangyang village ?” Xu Shao Hui asked.

“Fortunately, I’m not responsible for that.” Bi Rong Wu don’t want to speak more about them.In fact, She got information from her colleagues with a plenty of complaints. After all, there’s totally 25 people together from country of mainland of China.

When Xu and Bi Rong Wu back to Hong Kong , they only eat this meal together. They are busy, constantly out to dinner with friends, after all, the Mainland and Hong Kong had not contacted for so many years, Many people are quite concerned about the situation there. so busy for a month, they again returned back to Zhangyang Village.

Zhang Yang village’s committee and their families returned back with excitement, satisfactory from Hong Kong and a several of large bags full of their bags. Do not ask, these presents are sent by Hong Kong company. They took some money to Hong Kong, but when they entered the store , they scared by the high price without any words . The tourist guide from Hong Kong office found their poor situation and arrange everything for them. So they came back without spending any money.

A piles of invoices put it on Xiao Liang’s table. That’s all the expense which Zhangyang’s village committee and the families spent on Hong Kong. Bi Rong Wu told Xiao Liang put all these cost together in the company’s entertainment costs. Xiao Liang felt more and more dissatisfied now. These people, on which basis to play at Hongkong and cost so much ? Virtue and morality is the most cheap tool to beat the dirty corruption.

Two months later, five technical experts submitted their resignation to the company. Almost at the same time, in a nearby village, a new clothing companies opened in a farmer’s house. The five technical experts went to the new company as respective. Their salary is double than the original one. The boss is one of the nephew of village member , Wang Pao’s son resigned from city servant and becomes a manager in the new company.

More and more skilled workers quit their job and joined a new opened company due to high salary. A year later. Hang Heng company closed down due to poor management. Plant was sold to the new company. All remaining worker changed their boss

Manager Pang was promoted General manager in Guangzhou branch.  To everyone’s surprise, he got married with Xiao Qing.Xiao Qing will follow him to Guangzhou and settle down there. Nobody knows when and how  they fall in love with each other, they’re the people who keep secret well. Before their departure , they hold a thankful feast to all friends they knew.

Bi Rong Wu , Fatty Wu, Xu all promoted to a high level after back to Hong Kong.

Xiao Liang sent immigration applications, she suddenly wanted to see the outside world, and certainly for sure there are too many things waiting her to explore . Hong Kong would be her first stop if possible………

  (This story is purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental.)            




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