He began to eat pills three months ago. The doctor told him that he had to take medicine every day to reduce the blood pressure the normal point, otherwise, it’s hard to say  one day he will die suddenly. Relying on his good health in youth, he has been far away from the hospital , Now on the old age, his activity became less and less, the various organs of the body all turn on the strike now.

He strictly followed the doctor’s order. Not a hint of slack. All to this age, his bodies will not take a joke. he is a man living in accordance with the standards bureau-level cadres to the house. Son to stay abroad for several years and back to see him once, he missed his son at the beginning for a long time, but now used to normal life. He dides not expect children to know, he will try to solve it by his own ways.

Neighbor knows about his actual situation and introduced him a housekeeping woman who also used to be a nurse.  Helping him clean the house, doing the dishes. the day has been passed so calm. Until the pending examination comes. He took the red pill. Carefully looked at. The doctor recommended that he took this kind of pill, saying that is the best one. Imported pills it is particularly expensive. There’s also the same pill made in domestic, because the effect is not good, and so the price is only one of six.

He ate two months already, did not see any special effects,’but spent a lot of money. he was a bit restless, the doctor said, any pill, if you want to have an immediate effect, are to be long-held, like you just had two months is quite short, so do not see the results. If you want to change other pills, it can be, but the effect is certainly not compare this one. So, he came back and still eat this red pill.

Originally he often went out for walk , but now because of the medicine’s sake, much smaller range of activities, but in the surrounding vicinity. Because he did not quite come out, a lot of previous friends got far from him.  Playing cards and chess, like others, he does not like. That day, his son called from abroad, he talked about his disease and high blood pressure and so on. His son did not response for a long time, asked him: Daddy, are you willing to live abroad ? You come to live for some time, maybe ill just fine. He stunned quite a while, say, think again.

For his son settled at abroad, he is strongly opposed.  But his son insisted, “we must go out, that is for the next generation”. He can not block, had to let them go . He always thought: what’s good in abroad, when more and more foreigners rushing to China . This time, he was somewhat a little bit hesitant. You ought to see how good children live outside?

“uncle, your medication .” Nurse calls him.

“Oh, good.” He stood up and move forward.

Tapping at, knock on the door .

Attending is his  former colleague Lao Ming.

He felt very happy.

“how are you ?” shouting from the old Fan .

” I became a friend of it. ” He shook bottle on hand.

Lao Ming laughed, ” boring here? ”

“high blood pressure disease. However, from time to time to take medicine really make me think not feeling so well !” He complained.

“See you looks quite strong, when found high blood pressure disease ?” Lao Ming asked.

“Do not know. Estimated that for a while. Check out always late.” He said.

“Oh! Until our age, who can absolutely flee from disease, that’s quite normal. forget the medicine. just play and eat what you like.” Lao Ming spoke, he waved his hand actively

Lao Ming is a typical optimist. All in a good mood. His daughter also settled down in abroad. Chatting with them comes easy.

“My son let me go to abroad to live for some time, he said that air is wonderful!” He said.

“Then you go ! Maybe you  like it to settle down there.” Lao Ming joked.

“You also went abroad to see your daughter, why not stay there.” He asked.

“Did not I tell you that I am not used to the habit. At least not in the habit of eating the food. And the language does not pass. ” Mischievous Lao Ming said.

He did not response.

“You go out and your ideal will be very different. I assure you” Lao Ming continued.

When Lao Ming left, he sat on the sofa to rest.

“Uncle, you will goto  abroad ah!” Nanny asked.

“I’m not sure.” He asked.

“Wonderful.” Nurse looked at him with envy. “We have a bunch of sisters, all want to have the opportunity to go abroad too!”

The nurse’s home in rural areas, he did not know she also want to go abroad.

“Do you want to go abroad ah?” He asked.

” lt is easy to earn money. I have friends go out and work for two years, build a big house and start his own company, how much fashion! ” Nurse’s face brighten up.

“Oh, is not it!” He did not go along

“Uncle, don’t forget to eat your pills!” Nurse handed him the pills. Added: ” uncle, if you go abroad, it is possible I am going to take care of you? I can pay my round-trip travel expenses. I promise I will not give you any additional trouble.”

“I’m not sure right now!” He replied He found a great yearning to go abroad from nurse’s words and passion.

He thought for several days, finally decided not to go. He gave his son a telephone call, said he estimated his body not strong enough to take long-haul aircraft. Son kept silent for a long time through telephone, did not speak and put down the phone.

He still continued to eat his red pill. One night, he sudden onset of hypertension, because nobody at home, suddenly died.

Nurse come to work and found his death, she quickly reported to the police. His son,after receiving the phone call from the Public Security Bureau ,  flied back and looked after his father’s death. He got rid of the house, holding a bottle of red pills left.

A month later, his son once again arrive, He hired a lawyer and sued hospital . Because he took the remaining pills found to the foreign factory and found its fake pills.

The hospital did not pay compensation at last, people only know the hospital provide the test evidence that the pills they offered is true. The police try to find more specific clues , but she already left the city. His son left with full of sorrow and disappointment.

Public Security Bureau hung up this case.

At the corner of the house he lived, gathering a bunch of old colleagues, everyone talked about him, the Lao Ming said: “I have met him and let him go out to see his son, he would not! “people all sigh,” Yeah! Yes ah! this fragile life can be really short ! ”

This story is purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincident.



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